• Yes, You Can Learn The Piano!

    Learning to play the piano is a terrific journey! You will never look back and be glad you took up the instrument of the immortals!

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Pianist Amateurs – Piano Lessons for Adults in London Who Wish To Rekindle Their Passion for This Immortal Instrument

Perfectly located in a gorgeous penthouse overlooking the City of London, Pianist Amateurs has been especially created to help amateur pianists to learn how to play the piano, or develop their piano skills, with extraordinary piano instructors.

Starting to play the piano as an adult is wonderful, but it can also be intimidating. It is why we only work with wonderful concert pianists, who have a true passion for teaching adults, and who will definitely encourage you greatly in your endeavour.

Remember that it is never too late, and that you do not need any special talent to enjoy playing the piano. Make your dreams become true, and start straight away. We can assure you, that you will never regret it!

So if you want the best piano lessons London has to offer adults, you are in the right place!

Perfect for you if:

You want to learn the piano from scratch
You want to rekindle your passion for the piano
You want to make your life more interesting
You want to do graded examinations
You want to learn classical, jazz, blues or rock piano